Summer sunflower.
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#myucberkeley photo by @enkeleas.

“To Be Takei” opens in theatres this Friday, August 22. The documentary chronicles the life of George Takei—from being imprisoned as a Japanese-American in U.S. internment camps during World War II to portraying Sulu in the original “Star Trek” series to becoming a social media star and gay-rights activist. More about the film at
George attended Berkeley in the late ’50s before graduating from UCLA.
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Artwork from

Unit 1 Residence Halls construction, 1959.
The curved-roof structure in the foreground is the original Unit 1 cafeteria.
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Original photo from the 1959 Blue & Gold (@calyearbook). (at Unit 1)

The Class of 1910 Bridge.
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Photo by UC Berkeley staff. (at Class of 1910 Bridge)

"Just six Walmart heirs have more wealth than the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined."
— UC Berkeley’s Robert Reich, The Rise of the Non-Working Rich. (via ucresearch)

Campus and Mt. Tamalpais before sunset.
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Photo by @khdesign01, UC Berkeley. (at Big C)


Should you be afraid of the Ebola threat?

If you’re able to read this post, chances are you don’t have to worry. Arthur Reingold, head of epidemiology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, puts fears of an Ebola epidemic to rest in an interview with Vox.

VOX: Some airlines are enacting travel bans since the outbreak. Are they justified then?

Arthur Reingold: The virus is not transmitted through coughing and sneezing, or through sitting next to someone on a bus or the like. The idea that the virus can somehow mutate and become more readily transmissible from person to person through coughing or sneezing—those are Hollywood scenarios. The idea that Ebola can become more readily transmissible through casual contact is unrealistic and not something we are concerned about.

Read the interview with Art Reingold on the Ebola epidemic

155 Dwinelle.
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Photo by UC Berkeley staff. (at Dwinelle Hall)

A rare moment of quiet between the end of summer sessions and the first day of classes. Happy Monday, Berkeley staff. Enjoy it while you can.

UC Berkeley ranked 4th overall in the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities released today from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
In individual fields and subjects, Berkeley ranked:
· 1st in Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry
· 3rd in Engineering/Technology and Computer Science
· 4th in Social Science; Economics/Business
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Jupiter’s moon spews lava for two weeks

Imagine looking up at the moon and seeing super-volcanos erupt for two weeks straight.  That was the scene last year for Jupiter’s moon Io, a celestial body roughly the same size as our lunar companion.  

However, unlike our moon, Io is highly volcanic and due to it’s low gravity the eruptions can shoot debris high into space. Scientists at JPL and UC Berkeley have been monitoring the events as a way to understand what early Earth was like.